Save Your Energy


Saving energy does not have to be a hassle. Those who implement the following tips will literally save emissions, electricity and heating costs while they sleep. So you will have enough energy to spend on Bizzo Casino.

Saving energy may sound like work – but it does not have to be. The following tips are uncomplicated to implement. And once you have tried them, you will even save energy while you sleep.

1. The right refrigerator temperature

Save Your Energy

The refrigerator consumes electricity all the time – even at night. So make sure you don’t waste electricity by setting the refrigerator temperature too low. It’s easy to do:

Open the refrigerator door and make sure that the correct refrigerator temperature is set. This is 7 °C in the refrigerator and -18 °C in the freezer.

On many appliances, you set the temperature using a dial that doesn’t have any temperature information on it, but rather numbers from 1-7. Seven degrees usually corresponds to levels 1 or 2. To be sure, you can use a thermometer – or use the butter as a guide. If it is just easy to spread, the temperature is correct.

Tip: Over time, a layer of ice forms in refrigerators and freezers. This ensures that the appliance consumes more electricity. If you defrost the refrigerator regularly, it will run more efficiently day and night.

2. The right refrigerator

The bigger the refrigerator, the more it can hold – and the more energy it uses. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying a new appliance, consider a small one. One to two people can usually manage well with 120 liters. You should also choose a model with a good energy efficiency rating.

3. Clean out frozen goods

Refrigerators and freezers can keep us up at night with more than just their buzzing – worries about their power consumption can also rob us of sleep. According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), refrigerators and freezers consume around 23 percent of the electricity used in German households. So it’s time to clean out the freezer.

If you use up frozen food and manage to empty the freezer and switch it off, you can save a lot of electricity. That’s talking about up to 600 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. At current electricity costs of just under 42 cents per kilowatt hour, this saves around 250 euros over twelve months.

Now it is up to you how you will save energy. These tips do not only apply for your fridge but also for other things at our home. Think about what you need or not necessarily. It really can make a difference at the end of the month when the bills arrive. You will be relieved that you saved some energy. And it is not that exhausting and will become for sure soon a real habit. 

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