What do slots have in common

What do slots have in common?

Online slot machines all have certain characteristics in common. There are millions of slots that touch on a wide variety of possible and imaginable themes. But all casino slots can be reviewed and rated according to certain criteria and standards. Let’s take a look together at some of the terms you’ll often read about if you decide to venture into the colorful and highly entertaining world of slot machines, to decide which one to start your new adventure with, but most importantly, which one to try to take home a nice nest egg with.

Ever heard of payouts?

Ever heard of payouts?

On the Internet, choosing which slot machine to play with is not easy. If there are representative images, you will undoubtedly be influenced by them, so you will already make a first selection.

Once you have decided on a slot theme, you will probably try to get as much information as possible from the various slot machine reviews and guides available online.

One term you will come across often in slot machine reviews of all places is payout or payout. What does it mean?

Payout in simple terms is the percentage of winnings that a particular slot machine returns to the player over a given period of time. Let’s take an example of payout to help you better understand: a slot machine that cashes in 100,000€ and has a monthly payout of 97% means that that same slot machine has returned as much as 97,000€ to its players between winnings, bonuses, jackpots, in that specific month of activity. Generally, the payout of online slots is around and above 95 percent.

One piece of advice we feel like giving you is to consider the previous month’s payout of a slot: if it is too high, it might be better to leave that slot alone because probably having generated a high number of winnings, it needs to reload and will tend not to pay out too much.



This is also an important factor to evaluate when deciding to play slot machines (whether Video slots or Free Bar Slots). You will come across this term a lot, so it is worth spending a few words to help you make the right slot choice but more importantly to help you win, which is precisely the purpose of this article.

By volatility of a VLT slot we mean the level of risk associated with it so what you as a player can expect from the slot at the end of the session from the point of view of the frequency of winning and the relative amount of money involved. Slots can be low or high volatility.

If the volatility of the slot machine is high, it means that it is difficult to win, that is, the frequency of winnings is low, but the amount of winnings, once obtained, can be high.

If the volatility of the slot machine is low, on the other hand, it will be easier to win, so you will probably win more frequently, but the amounts will not be as high.

To learn more about the concept of volatility, we invite you to read our dedicated section.

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