Rules for winning bets

Rules for winning bets

Surefire tips for sporting events – that doesn’t exist, except with the betting mafia and co. But since we’re talking about legal sports betting here, this “possibility” is ruled out per se.

Even if you are promised safe betting tips somewhere, you should be on your guard. In the following we will explain to you why so-called surebets are not the yellow of the egg.

We will also show you what chances there are of getting much closer to winning when betting – with 10 simple but golden rules.

Do surebets help you win?

Surebets result from comparing the odds of several providers. It can be the case that you find a constellation in a football game in which you bet an amount on “Both teams to score – yes” with one betting provider, with another an amount on “Both teams to score – no”, and on In any case, you end up with a profit.

But even if surebets seem to promise a secure win, the betting tax can spoil them again, because the profit margin is very low. Therefore, sure betting is only partially suitable for successful betting. It is therefore much more promising to put together a good strategy and to use the following 10 tips for sports betting as a guide.

The 10 golden rules for successful sports betting

The 10 golden rules for successful sports betting

1. Knowledge

“Today I’m going to bet on badminton in Singapore, the odds are really high there.” Sure, you can do it. However, in order to increase your chances of winning, I recommend only betting on sports that you are familiar with or about which you can easily obtain information (e.g. football).

By the way, in our betting tips today you will find three tips from professionals every day, in which we have already worked up the statistics for you. In addition, there are data-based predictions sorted by bet type for various competitions from Bundesliga 1 to Ekstraklasa.

You should not only be familiar with the sport but also with the betting markets. If you want to play handicap or over/under, you should already know what exactly is behind it.

2. Patience

Tuesday, no Champions League, but football will be played today in the 3rd Albanian league. Before you bet out of sheer desperation, it’s better to wait a few days until the Bundesliga or another competition that you know your way around is back.

Even if you are about to clear a sports betting bonus with a limited wagering period, you should not bet in haste. Tip: If a provider only has a very short turnover period for his betting bonus, but you just don’t play that often, he might just not be the right one for you.

3. No delusions of grandeur

“I always win” – whoever tries that has already lost. Because even with several successful bets in a row, you should not feel superior to the provider.

Because sports betting is also partly a game of chance, so the next streak of bad luck can follow at any time. Better to play with humility, pay out the majority after a bigger win and only continue betting with a small remainder.

Especially if you were able to win one or two euros from a bonus, in our experience it is always advisable to cash out.

By the way: There are now many betting providers such as bet365, Betano, Unibet or 888sport, where you can have your bet paid out before the end of the game. Example soccer: If your team is leading by one goal in the 75th minute, you should consider the early cashout. You will win a little less, but you will certainly win.

4. Money management

When it comes to betting, it is anything but advisable to go “all in” – i.e. to bet the entire balance at once, as this can quickly result in a total loss. With clever money management, you will learn how to split your money correctly and know how best to choose the stakes in sports betting.

5. No mega combos

Admittedly, with many tips in a combination bet, the total odds on the betting slip are high and a correspondingly lucrative profit. Now comes the but.

Because in practice, unfortunately, large station wagons rarely find their way to the finish line, even among the favorites “one or the other likes to step out of line”. Therefore, bet a maximum of 3 combos or take the safer route of single bets, even if the odds are less attractive at first glance.

6. Compare odds & providers

Compare odds & providers

If you like to place a lot of bets, you should not stick to a bookmaker, but also use an odds comparison. In a single game, the deviations usually don’t matter that much, but in a combo with several tips there can be significant profit differences, which can quickly reach the double-digit euro range, depending on the stake.

We also advise you to compare the bonus for new customers before signing up with a new bookmaker. The most common is the match bonus on the first deposit, but it is subject to conditions.

So take a look: What is the maximum amount of euros you can get? How often do you have to implement? What are the free spins odds? How much time do you have? When these conditions are favorable, winning is also more likely

7. Turn off emotions

For real professionals, betting is not fun, but pure calculation. They don’t allow themselves to be driven by emotions, which is much more difficult for the ‘normal’ sports fan. Nevertheless, you should at least try to leave out the emotions as much as possible and also avoid betting on your favorite team.

8. Don’t overestimate favorites

The odds on favorites are always the lowest (tip: Interwetten often offers good favorite odds) because the bookmaker bets them with the highest probability of winning. However, this does not mean that these low odds are really safe. Favorites like to weaken.

German sports bettors also tend to commit to a team without considering the draw. Because of this – I speak from my own experience – many bets have failed. If you don’t play a draw no bet (draw = money back), you should also consider the draw as a betting option. Sometimes the odds on a “double chance” are still worthwhile, then a tie would still be secured.

9. Don’t let yourself be blinded

So-called betting communities like to praise a safe strategy that you can also bet on. However, you should always question them critically and also inform yourself.

The extent to which these strategies really lead to success has not been proven. It is therefore better to use these rules and your own experience to find your own way of betting.

10. No fault

Last but not least: Only bet with money that you don’t need for your living expenses (rent, utilities, food), but can save for sports betting. Don’t start borrowing money because sports betting debt accumulates faster than you might think.

Conclusion on winnings in sports betting

There is no perfect strategy, but if you stick to our ten rules, sports betting is an exciting pastime that also brings a few euros into the account.

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